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According to the Regulations on the Administration of Security Services, security services can be divided into the following categories.
1. Providing security services such as guards, guards and patrols according to the provisions of the contract, providing security services such as guards, guards and patrols for customers, is the main business of security service companies in China at present. These security service items are characterized by simple service content, wide customer range and large business volume. Common is to provide security personnel for state organs, organizations and other enterprises and institutions, as well as public places, residential communities and other security personnel, do a good job of guarding the gates.
The specific tasks and responsibilities of the gatekeepers are: to register, verify and inspect the entry and exit personnel, vehicles and the goods they carry and load in accordance with the laws and policies of the state and the internal rules and regulations formulated by the employing units themselves, so as to prevent internal disorder, prevent the loss of financial and logistics and other factors affecting safety, confidentiality and leakage. The phenomenon of density and theft.
Guardianship and patrol refers to guarding, guarding, patrolling and alerting the specific targets and areas required by the employing units to prevent water, fire, poison, theft, damage and other disasters and accidents, and to protect the safety of specific targets or areas. For example, in accordance with the provisions of the contract, the warehouse materials of certain enterprises to provide Guardian business services, to provide day and night patrols, patrols, vigilance, guardianship, guardianship tasks, etc. within a certain factory or state organ area.
2. Security services for customers escorting cash, valuables, dangerous goods and escorts are common security services in security services. According to the contract stipulation, according to the customer's concrete request, the security company sends the personnel to escort the cash, the negotiable securities, the important document, the valuables, the dangerous goods and so on for the customer, guarantees these goods in the transportation way not to lose, does not damage, prevents other accident occurrence, safely carries to the destination; A certain person arrives at the destination.
The escort or escort business is characterized by following, mobility, escort and security. Sometimes special means of transport, communications equipment and escort weapons are used to carry out such tasks in order to prevent accidents in mid-course accidents. For example, escort armored vehicles when escorting money and valuables. If necessary, the escort of particularly important or valuable items should also be planned in advance to determine the operation route and escort program. In operation, the security service company is unified in command, so as to prevent accidents and emergency response and rescue.
3. Providing security services for large-scale mass activities, such as maintaining order and guarding, is a regular business in security services. Generally speaking, according to the contract stipulations, according to the specific requirements of customers, security service companies send staff to maintain large-scale sports activities and commercial activities, to prevent all kinds of cases and accidents. This kind of safety service project is characterized by large sites, wide range, large number of people, complex situation, coupled with these places and service object uncertain factors, randomness, once chaos occurs, order or situation is difficult to maintain. Therefore, to undertake the safety services of such projects, we should have certain foresight in advance, and make more emergency plans for possible situations and problems to ensure the safety and smooth operation of the business services.
4. To provide customers with a variety of security technical equipment and preventive equipment marketing services, which is also an important service item in the security service business, can be called a complete set of security service measures. Generally speaking, pointers are needed for different levels of customers, providing them with safety technical equipment, preventive equipment and equipment. Some people call this security service a hardware service. Such as the establishment of security equipment, equipment, equipment market, according to the signed contract, the purchase of security equipment, door-to-door delivery.
Fifth, to provide customers with a variety of security business consulting services is an urgent need to develop security services. Security companies organize experts or professionals to give oral or written answers to security questions raised by customers. Some also conduct research and evaluation to provide customers with methods and programs to protect their personal, property or other aspects of security. Some people call this kind of security service software service.
6. Providing customers with safety technical measures, equipment design, manufacturing, installation, commissioning and maintenance services is also a need for in-depth research and development of security business services. Generally speaking, according to the contract stipulation, according to the special needs and requests of customers, we design, manufacture, install, debug and maintain safety technical equipment and facilities specially for customers, so as to provide customers with comprehensive and special safety technical services to meet the special needs of customers in many aspects, such as safety facilities, equipment and technology. This service is called software and hardware business services. Of course, in this area of security services, there is a need for high-level technical personnel or professionals, high level of service, high cost, but the effect is good, high efficiency.
7. Providing other legal security services for customers - such as emergency, emergency relief, natural disaster relief, communication security services and other business items. So as to facilitate customers, expand business scope, scale and efficiency.
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